The Pony Tales / Black Summer (teaser)

Short films

Black Summer by The Pony Tales is a film album - nine short films staged around a composition.
Together they tell a story of young savagery, lust and love amongst a group of isolated teenagers lost in the midst of the merciless and dramatic landscape of the Faroe Islands. They are young, sexy and feel invincible, but within those light nights of the Nordic summer lies darkness.

Written and directed by Nadia Marquard Otzen
Concept: Kristoffer Sonne & Nadia Marquard Otzen
Composer: Kristoffer Sonne
Producer: Judy Vermeulen
DOP: Ulrik Boel Bentzen
Editor: Nikki Porter
Grade: Aubrey Woodiwiss
Production company: Gorgeous

Length: 40 mins.
Shot on 16 mm Colour Kodak

Funding:Gorgeous, Danish Film Institute - Film Workshop, Danish Arts Council, Mentanargrunnurin, Mentamálaráðið