Off Bloom / Love To Hate It

Music videos

Director: Nadia Marquard Otzen
Producer: Joacim Fougner
Executive Producer: Thor Brammer Jacobsen 
Production company: New Land 
Co- production company: Academy Films A+ 
Executive Producer Academy Films: Liz Kessler
DP: Linda Wassberg (AOA)
Hi8 Camera: Nadia Marquard Otzen
Production Designer: Kristine Køster
Props master: Julie Hennecke Hartmann 
Costume Designer: Pernille Holm / off bloom
Stylist & Make up: Anna Carli Holmgren
Editor: Anders Jon (AOA) / Nadia Marquard Otzen
Editing assistant: Patrick Lund Larsen
Colorist: Lasse Marcussen (Cameo, CPH)
Commissioner: Emily Tedrake
Label: Polydor Records UK

Special thanks to Red Rental. ArtOfficial Agency, Cameo CPH, I-dailies and all the people in Hårbølle.