If & Weekday / Reflective


In Scandinavia, it gets really dark during the winter months, and pedestrian–car accidents increase dramatically. Wearing a reflector reduces the risk of being hit by a car by half, but studies show many young adults won’t wear them, largely due to vanity. To encourage use of reflectors, If Insurance initiated fashion designer collabs three years ago, to create cooler alternatives to more traditional reflectors. If’s partner for this year’s collection that can actually save lives is the fashion brand Weekday.

Director: Nadia Marquard Otzen

Production company: New Land
Executive producer: Erik Torell
Producer: Joel Rostmark
Production manager: Adam Holmström

Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors
Art Director: Samuel Åkesson
Copywriter: Joakim Labraaten
Agency Producer: Magnus Kennhed

Dop: Mattias Rudh
Set designer: Tobias Allanson
Stylist: Sara Forsberg

Editor: Nicolaj Monberg

Post house: The Line
Colourist: Rickard Ahlbäck
Online artist: Anders Bergén
Sound design: Olle Ljungman

Music: Kristoffer Sonne & Nikolaj Torp